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I am not known for self promotion even though in this case it might help... Below is my story - obviously, it's not everything but you'll gather a good sense of who I am and what I stand for. It's a pleasure to meet you. I hope we will have the opportunity to meet soon to discuss your business needs and requirements with me.

Digital Logistics

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Some of my Previous 

Eric Dunn, England

Head of Supply Chain

Massimo is a hard working individual who was very successful in managing the activities of the logistics function. He approaches every challenge with an open mind and with a strong customer focus."

Bernd Rickman, Germany


"It was a pleasure to work with Massimo, who was always supportive, flexible and professional in his role."

Clara Senecal, USA

CPA/Finance Executive

"Max is highly dependable and reliable in his deliverables. I commend him for his honesty and professionalism. "

Global Supply Chain Leaders I worked with.

I worked in Global Logistics & Supply Chain functions for Leading Manufacturing and Distribution Organizations in industries ranging from: Electronics to Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals, Natural Health, Renewable Energy projects as well as Consumer Packaged Goods and Fashion as well as Third-Party Logistics. See below some of the biggest companies I worked with in various Global Logistics Roles.

As an outcome of my previous experience I partner with the best global trade and logistics professionals and companies and I can help you with accelerating your speed to market when you think you need a better way to have an ingrained flexibility in your supply chain so you can make the best decisions. Whether is to go global or to re-organize your supply chain more locally, I can help you.

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My Trajectory.

Every story starts with a beginning, a twist of events and an end..well my story started in Italy but that is not where it ends. I am a traveller by definition and I mean a global traveller. I enjoy exploring the different parts of the world that inspire me but it does not end there. I want to absorb the environment in which I am with all my senses that's how I do business. I am not superficial but neither I am nitty gritty in my work. I love and enjoy to discover new practices, apply them & improve upon them. If you ask me, what gets me up in the morning the answer is how to improve your operations. I'm a rational thinker so if you want a well drawn out plan with lots of insights I am a perfect candidate for your biggest logistics pains and how to resolve them. Our values are well indicated in each part of this website however personally I do believe in passion & excellence of output. One step at a time is my mantra. Strategy is what I live and breathe and supply chain happens to be my profession. 


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