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Global Trade, Strategy & SCM Analysis

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What is our process?

A designing stage is as much information and transformation as it is direction, strategy, trade concerns and global supply chain management issues. Change in management is with plenty of different variables that need to be taken into considerations and this is our point of view. 'I have seen better options' is a comment often circulated among supply chain professionals. This is our point of view, too. Well, then let's employ a better system. Let's address the challenging issue and let's adopt a broader perspective. The challenges, in this respect, are the solution. We are 'victims' of past solutions - be a trailblazer and regain your solution in the way you want.

"Let's redesign a more efficient supply chain for complex projects in a global working environment with a set of tools we used for our projects which can deliver a set of clear and identifiable deliverables"


"We believe in the 'power' and sophistication of analysis in supply chain management and global trade systems" 


  • Robust supply chain systems: processes in the most effective and productive way and by building trust and business understanding in the relations by optimising cost and reducing complexity in our supply chain
  • Global Trade & SCM: we integrate global trade practices with a solid understanding of the supply chain in any form or shape across countries and constinents with an exclusive understanding of trade patterns.

  • Change Management: our focus is to create behaviour change​ to meet your organizational goals and not for simplly distributing knowledge. We stand at the very 'heart' of the logistics and supply chain management industry where we have had experience across very different companies and we can offer a 'new' insight. 

  • Critical thinking : In the era of technological advancement, it seems we require better "thinkers" as well as better "doers". Global supply chain and international trade are certainly evolving so how do you take advantage of the new world order, from a supply chain perspective?

  • Data Analysis: data analysis is a digital skill not to be underestimated. With an ocean of data distributed across your supply chain how do you capture the important and essential from the merely necessary but not essential or even strategic? If you had to 'break down' your supply chain in 'half' where would you put the most effort, today? This is where we can help.  

  • Coaching & Training: we operate with a solid understanding that management and international supply chains require a deep understanding of how things are done in practice. This is an integral part of what we do.

  • Resilient thinking: what concerns you the most? What keep you up at night? Is it interruption of supply or a network that does not keep up with demand?

  • Transformative 'power': we believe in the power of innovation in order to make 'things a lot better'.

  • Multilingual support: we provide operational support in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

  • Contrasting perspectives: let's assume we are both the result of different trajectories and thinking patterns. Let's also agree to co-join out different thinking patterns and elaborate a better plan for strategy. Transferring codified knowledge adds very little value to your operations. I integrate a different way of thinking and I'm restless in achieving the most important objectives for you.

  • Forward-looking thinkers: we apply a 'fresh perspective' to your operations problems by actively seeking and proposing solutions while dealing with organizational challenges in an analytical and strategic manner.


We search for a solution that reflect both our strategic plans for your company and your operational constraints in a way that demonstrate true operational efficiency at the offset. We strive for efficiency in everything we do.

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