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Our Client Strategy for Performance 


We serve clients in a wide variety of specialties
but they have one 'thing' in common..
Find out what it is..!

"We assist organizations to investigate and consider the nature of their problems in supply chain management and global trade with deep 'problem-solving' approaches  and supply chain solutions"

Let's talk about your
Supply Chain & Global Trade priorities...

Some of our Clients Profile

  • You might be an operations executive with a global supply chain under your responsibility and you take performance very seriously - you need a better 'approach'. 

  • Your experience is global and your expertise is 'deep' into supply chain however you might need some specific help in one area where you need intervention.

  • You might need specific advice and you are a General Manager in a company with global operations requiring some 'direction'.

  • Are you currently targeting a strategic performance improvement across your supply chain network?

  • Are you experiencing fast growth?

  • Are you noticing related phenomena that lead you to indicate you might be getting close to a growth trend?

  • Has there been a significant impact on your operations, as a result of various changes (internally or externally to your organization)?

  • Is there uncertainty & ambiguity experienced across your supply chain?


  • Do you have a Supply Chain Team who is capable to implement this strategic goal?

  • Do you want to 'discover' how I can improve your Operations with supply chain & international trade skills acquired across multiple sectors?

If the answer is 'Yes' to at least one of these questions, we should discuss your options for improvement and 'projectify'..

Send me a chat with your contact details and the best way & time to contact you for me to reach out.


Pricing Structure

Our pricing structure is framed with a mix of Operational Performance & Efficiency (y factor) as well as our time (x factor). No up-front fees are charged for 'no performance' however we charge a nominal fee for our time.


Projects can be a one-off operational intervention or strategic projects - you decide your investment comfort level!


Retainer Policy

A retainer of $1,000 - after the free initial consultation - is required from all clients (completely refundable if our solution does not meet your objectives). Any advance work in studying the solution will be charged at a nominal standard rate per hour.

Prices can range from a minimum of $500 per project.


Better Control

We provide lifetime support to all our clients  - no time limit - at no additional cost. This means that our prices guarantee the performance of our solutions! Your Benefit!

Projects are x-priced (for our time) on a 'daily basis'. Our fees are highly competitive and in line with market trends. We represent a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee...Plus we absorb the cost of taxes in our fees..


The "assignment complexity" (y-factor) will drive and determine our full estimate (x+y) - fully estimated - prior to the start of the project - and subject to revision (only if the project deliverable are significantly changed).

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