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Massimo Vitali

Global Logistics Manager and Trade Analyst - Supply chain development, C.I. & Strategic Advisor



Supply Chain Innovation & Technology

Massimo is an enthusiastic student and practitioner of anything to do with supply chain innovation and here he presents a few of the key areas of innovation where he specializes in. He uses the term 'Technology" in a loose sense as for him, technology, encompasses any method that allows continuous improvement.

Overall Process of Innovation

What is the design requirements of an efective innovation process? How diverse actors can contribute to the innovation process? What are the operational practices that are embedded in the organization and are they conducive to innovation? What is the element of novelty in innovation and how important is it?

Product and Process Innovation

What is the roadmap to a better product or process? How do we design/develop/market our innovative products globally?

Networks and Processes

What is the roadmap to a better product or process? How do we design/develop/market our innovative products globally?

Innovation Strategy 

A company is looking for a strategy to develop further their supply chain however a lot of 'ground' has been left behind as deemed not important in the overall supply chain performance. This creates a host of different issues across the company.

What is the added value?

A generalized product that is expanding overseas is losing ground to the competition and this creates a variety of organizational issues to become a viable activity.

"Massimo was my advisor. Mr. Vitali is really a dynamic and helpful person. I am grateful to Mr. Vitali who answered many of my questions regarding importing to Canada. I strongly suggest to get in touch with Mr. Vitali and many your questions will be answered. His answers are precisely based on his expertise and his experience"

Ahmad Sohangar, Managing Director - Madan Machine Co.

what they say

Skills & Professional competencies


Global Logistics & Distribution 

An unparallel level of service that is dictated by tangible economic value at a competitive price


Continuous Improvement focus

Outcome-focused solutions that can stand the test of time - "right first time"


Analytical Mindset

An orientation towards success that is your own, tangible and superior to what you used to experience before


Global Working Experience

Sustainable success aided by the foundation of international trade opportunities

for the long-term.


Ability to identify challenges and generate business value

We determine the cause of the problem, select alternatives and I implement the solution from the best chosen alternatives.

I call this 'search & co-create'.

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