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Meet..a globetrotter  on a mission

I want to inject best practice in your Operations and make it world-class!
Image by Jess Bailey

Creative approaches

and Strategic tools

in Operations & Global 

Trade Optimization..


"Be a subject-matter expert and invest in best-in-class skills and processes" 

I am a global supply chain, project management & international trade specialist with a strategic perspective. I speak 4 languages, managed global supply chain activities to over 20 countries and worked across a variety of organizations where I contributed to the efficiency of operations.


Experience across different industries (over 10 years including 2 years in project management in the energy industry) as well as being a professional educator and coach. I've taught the FITT International Trade Diploma leading to the CITP certification in Canada. I'm a trainer 'at heart' but I integrate different practices and methodologies (with a focus on instructional design, lesson planning and instructional strategies as well as assessment).


I am also graduating with a post-graduate diploma in Strategic Thinking from the Open University in the U.K. As part of my career growth and development I have my eyes set on the Executive MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris.

Massimo Vitali Consulting is my "own product" - started as the result of multiple years of experience across global supply chains. My experience has taught me how to navigate different environments and, most importantly, how to contribute to organizations in a unique way - that's how I developed critical thinking across different scenarios.  I am dedicated with utmost focus to my clients' most pressing challenges. I also maintain a strong focus in the sustainability of global supply chain management, as consumers and the general public adapt to a 'greener' lifestyle. 


Feel free to browse my website for more information. Click on "Let's Chat"  and send me a message - I'll answer within 2 hours (Pacific Standard Time business hours).

Image by Jonathan Bean

Continuous Improvement 

An orientation towards success that is your own, tangible and superior to what you used to experience before


Commitment to excellence 

An unparallel level of service that is dictated by tangible economic value at a competitive price


Problem solving

We determine the cause of the problem, select alternatives and I implement the solution from the best chosen alternatives.

I call this 'search & co-create'.


Development of International Trade Opportunities 

Sustainable success aided by the foundation of international trade opportunities

for the long-term.

Reliable service

Outcome-focused solutions that can stand the test of time - "right first time"

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