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'Learning Models For Supply Chains'

Our Change Models are centred around the Power of effective learning and Superior Leadership.



"The entire effort of your mind, soul, and heart working incessantly and in tandem, coupled with your grit and perseverance, is what it takes to succeed in your intellectual endeavours. To sustain moment for the long haul or to cope with unforeseen circumstances as part of life sometimes necessitates special people to come along at the right time"


A customizable Supply Chain Program 

As a specialized Training Provider & Coach, I Focus in the development of customized Learning Solutions for organizations of all sizes.


My recent Projects in Global Trade & Supply Chains have included the improvement of global trade network in complex organizations with highly diversified global supply chain structures across various industries. I invite you to learn more about my case studies and how I can help your organization reach 'Peak Performance'I have a methodology that addresses the most intractable decision key points and this leads to a way forward that is both rippling with complexity and strategic delivery that is suitable for the 21st century.

Here are 3 key advantages to bear in mind as I develop a supply chain program for your value chain: 


  • Capacities: a standardized approach to supply chain rarely produced the desired outcomes. I specialize in the optimizations of high-intensity global trade networks.

  • Skills: learning requires an influx of practical experience and an elevated capacity for learning that I facilitate - that's how we get to Peak Performance.

  • Performance: I am driven by better performance and I stress this in my program with an engaging and low stakes simulation exercises and case studies so you can feel confident the time on the program is well spent.

What is Supply Chain Strategy?

Business strategy
  • Process Improvement: process improvement is a 

Coaching & Training in SCM

Working Together

Our Coaching system is designed to provide the tools and strategies needed to reach your Operations goals.


I work with you to develop a customizable program that will help you make progress and achieve better Operations performance. I will provide guidance and support as you & your team work towards strategic goals and objectives.

Here are the building blocks of the Coaching Program in supply chains management systems for global (either current state or aspiring) organizations - it is built for the 'learning executive':

  • Internationalization and Restructuring for Global Markets: from market entry to alignment of supply chain capabilities for international markets, this is a hugely diversified topic that needs fleshing out what are the key components of a Internationalization Strategy.

  • Supply Chain Tactics: supply chains are in continuous flux and as General Ramsfield famously quoted 'you do not know what you do not know'. Let's find out..

  • Training in Continuous Improvement: this is a program that has been devised for a continuous improvement mindset. I ingrain this in my method of working and as well developed supply chains already focus on this I implement this from a learning perspective so it can add practical value.

  • Change, Strategy & Leadership with a Creative Spin: this is my favourite and  here I dedicate 75% of my effort with your team and is the outcome of the previous 3 modules. This is highly practical and interactive. The real Value of the coaching program is delivered throughout this module.

Why Creativity & Change..?

Image by dan lewis
  • Process Improvement: process improvement is a 

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