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Strategic Logistics Management
'Expertise in Global Supply Chain across International Markets' 

  • Are you looking for a manager with experience to manage your day-to-day logistics management function with an eye on continuous improvement & strategic change?


  • Is there something in your logistics organization that requires rectification and you need an outsider to delve in with superios skills?

If the answer is Yes to one of these two questions, then we should talk.

Send me a text on below chat box with your contact details and the best way & time to contact you.

Global Logistics Solutions in a Supply chain role 

Constant improvement and global supply chain development really requires a different 'mindset' that is usually not ingrained in the vast majority of company cultures. I 'mix' global trade, supply chain and strategy in a unique concept that is driven by better performance and regular 'intakes' to monitor the progress of my projects and intervene as appropriate. I really believe in better performance and no supply chain executive should leave anything to chance as ripple effects can spread across a global network very quickly.

These are the key building blocks of my service: continuous improvement, supply chain development and strategy. 


I provide the following 'managerial functions' for you on a one-year contract performance-based solution:

  • Management and development of a global logistics network : cost-efficient and adaptable with high-quality service.

  • Process management (Six Sigma) : develop processes,  measures and standards with focus on cost, quality, risk, sustainability, supplier & customer requirements.

  • Logistics improvement and optimization : from idea generation to implementation and financial validation.

  • Partnerships : developing a collaborative approach to the most untractable supply chain issues and use tools for improvement to achieve resolution.

  • Logistics service providers oversight : develop a solid approach to the management of supply chain and logistics contracts.

  • Data analysis for decision-making : a 'statistical' approach to your network.

  • Coaching for 'your team' to supply chain improvement : develop a solid approach to the management of supply chain and logistics contracts.

  • Diversification and strategy : supply chain global strategies with a range of different providers.


Pricing Structure

Our pricing structure is framed with a mix of Operational Performance, Efficiency as well as cost savings and no up-front costs are charged for 'no result'

Projects can be a one-off operational intervention or strategic projects - you decide your investment comfort level


Retainer Policy

A retainer of $1,000 - after the free initial consultation - is required from all clients (completely refundable if our solution does not meet your objectives). Any advance work in studying the solution will be charged at a nominal standard rate per hour.

Prices can range from a minimum of $500 per project.


Better Control

iWe provide lifetime support to all our clients  - no time limit - at no additional cost.

Projects are priced on a daily basis and depending on the assignment complexity with a full estimate on the required number of days prior to the start of the project.

Using Mobile Phones

Let's integrate better perspectives..

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