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'Accelerate Strategy'

Image by Mathew Schwartz

Key Supply Chain Elements 
'Accelerate' Strategy in Global Trade

Image by Maico Amorim


What does speed represent in the 'Accelerate' Strategy? There are three key components:

  1. Network: the fluidity of produxts and components in a fast network is simply the result of better corrdiantion but alos netter processed and practices. It is simply where you place the most effort. It's a trade-off vs. other dimensions of performance like quality or cost.

  2. Trade Flows

  3. Supply Chain Systems: it is inconsistent with this strategy to evaluate speed at the expense of a lower cost to serve so ...

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  • Products

  • Processes

Image by Martin Adams


  • Cost to Serve

  • Logistics Infrastructure

Image by Gerry Roarty


  • Product to Market

  • Changing Requirements

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