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Strategic Analysis - SCM data

We identify risks, issues and dependencies to determine operational strategies that alleviate your current operational situation.

"The business model framework can help to think strategically about the details of the way the firm does business.
The three major components of the framework - the value proposition, the value creation and delivery systems, and value capture - reflect the logic of strategic thinking about value" 
Source: Richardson, 2008

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How we integrate strategy in global trade and SCM

  • We consider the whole system - end-to-end supply performance at a glance;

  • We control performance while identifying the trade-offs;

  • Control of variables, rationalizations, etc.


Source: The Open University

Global Networks and Hubs 

  • A logistics perspective : new strategies for developing and gaining a foothold in international markets require an internationalization strategy with different components and decisions rules about internationalization and strategy which are critical to your firm's "growth". Constrained financial and labour resources might require a deeper insight into what trajectory your company might be taking a a result of successive actions contrary to what is your 'real' strategy as an organization. The 'supply chain of the future' requires to be 'resilient' and capable to absorb 'shocks'. 

  • Strategy & Trade: customs and trade compliance is one of the most important operational elements of a successful internationalization strategy. I have experienced a myriad of different situations where customs authorities played a key role in the successful introduction of a new or existing product to an overseas market. Visit the 'Knowledge bank' section of this website for more information.

  • Let's optimize?: I specialize in dry and containerized cargo, cold chain and temperature comtrolled, break bulk and over dimensional freight. Different types of cargo require different logistical infrastructures and I can advise you how to operate them efficiently. Selection of the suitable combination of logistics providers and negotiation of rates in line with market trends are juts two of the most important decisions you will need to take to operate efficiently at a global level. Visit the 'knowledge bank' section of this website for more information.
  • Fulfillment:
  • Risk Mitigation: alternative scenarios and sensitivity to changes in key variables is part of an analysis where we try to find the most likely outcome and create a strategy based on it. 

Thinking models in strategy

  • Mental models on strategic thinking : xxx

  • Decision-making: xxx

  • Networks and relationships: xxx



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On a Strategic Perspective  
is your NEED of optimizing your global value chain?"

Global Supply Chain
Strategy Analysts

The Key Problem

"Global supply chains are like 'clusters' with multiple interactions - fragile and charecterized by continuous fuidity, which is challenging as well as complex to manage. As a technically progressive supply chain executive, you deal with complexity regularly and this does increase the challenges of supply chain management. As modern executives are continuously asked to adapt, change, re-invent thier businesses - supply chains become a strategic tool. Combining our 'know-how' is where we can collaborate with 'tools' to improve how you operate your supply chain, today. We'll collaborate across your extended supply chain to re-transform your supply chain in 'better'' and enable your company to 'shine' with  a 'service-added competitive strategy'.

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