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Global Transportation & Project Cargo in the Renewable Energy Industry in Canada - IBERDROLA

Iberdrola Engineering is a public company in Spain with operations globally across the 4 continents. Our team was responsible for two projects' logistics management activities - the construction of two biomass power plants in the province of British Columbia, in Canada.

With a construction budget of $300M and a freight budget of $1.5M this was a hugely challenging project with multiple variable and 'site access' challenges in terms of construction accessibility and transportation constraints (across Texas, Port of Vancouver and other major logistics points). The 2 projects - both carried out concurrently - were completed on time and on budget with a huge team effort (both in Canada and in Spain with operations teams dispersed across the globe for better efficiency and performance).


  • A large engineering project in the Province of British Columbia with logistical challenges for access to the constructions sites (two different projects located in two different sites) as well as a timeline from the project planning stage that implied a lot of material in a short timeframe;

  • A public sector client (an electricity provider across the region) with many demands and opportunites for providing improvement capabilities in the project completion;

  • Many different suppliers and sub-contractors to manage in order to keep the projects running while at the same time ensuring an effective flow of materials to the construction site.


  • A good logistics infrastructure at the Port of Vancouver with many specialized logistical providers as well as an effective and improved project management system from the headquarters in Spain;

  • A team of supportive colleagues and senior managers with extensive knowledge in project management best practices across the industry in global regions (Africa, Europe and Middle East).

What Was our involvement:

  • We participated in the global logistics implementation of the projects - from service providers, logistics and transportation contracts to operational management of key suppliers and major components and sub-supplies deemed as 'critical' for the projects.


  • Project completion with major infrastructural components completed on time and on budget with some minor delays for project delivery due to supply chain coordination issues with the supplier base in North America;

  • A large impact on the local community by providing 'green energy' to households and the local population.

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