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Supply Chain & Manufacturing Improvement in India for an Italian Civil Engineering Manufacturer - Global Supply Chain Management - SEA DIAMOND TOOLS

SEA Diamond tools was an Export Orientated Unit (EOU) organization based in Bangalore, Southern India where I managed Manufacturing and Logistics operations for the South-East Asia region with specific responsibilities for global customers in collaboration with the HQ for the Italian company. I was in charge for developing a successful and progressive management style across the Indian subcontinent with a development for global workforce needs and expectations. Read our 'SC Insights' section (under 'Case Studies') to learn more how the company managed a global customer base with multi-site manufacturing operations.


  • A multinational organization specialized in Manufacturing civil engineering products with operations in Italy, Brazil, India, Turkey and Spain. Multiple production sites and a global customer base with significant purchasing power in the mining industry for the excavation of marble and granite.

  • Operations in the Indian sub-continent as a strategic manufacturing base for Low-Cost products and in High-Demand at a global level.

  • A challenging environment to operate as India presented numerous logistics challenges in an industry with demanding global customers.

  • A scope for improvement second to none as the operation was an established manufacturing site with lots of operational inefficiencies.

  • A variety of suppliers and sub-contractors in order to ensure an effective flow of materials & products across production sites.


  • A continent with a significant workforce base requiring upskilling and training in basic operations across the full suply chain spectrum.

  • A team of supportive colleagues and senior managers in Europe with extensive knowledge in manufacturing best practices across the industry.

What Was my involvement:

  • Global logistics management of the Indian operation (a strategic production site for SEA) - from service providers, logistics and transportation contracts to operational management of key suppliers and major components and sub-supplies deemed as 'critical' for the company.


  • Established JIT (Just-in-Time) Operation with significant variety in components and materials

  • Production scheduling and coordination with with central production site in Italy ranging from major orders in Europe and USA to fulfilment operations in the South-East Asian region.

  • Budgetary responsibilities for the full production and commerial unit (EOU).

  • A large impact on the local economy with significant partnerhips developed at the local level in the supply chain and manufacturing ecosystem in India.

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