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Supply Chain Data, Insights & Networks

A micro-project in Logistics, Data & Freight Optimization. Full benefits with a 6 months plan.

  • 15 hours
  • Online on Linkedin Meet Video

Service Description

This solution is focused on managers and executives with a keen eye on the optimization of logistics network in view of cost optimization and service level maximization. A platform is developed that operates as a 'control room' for your operations with multi-dimensional views of your operations with a simple yet functional look. User-friendly as well as cost-effective the visualizations will allow you to operate more efficiently without the need for manual checks or time-consumption activities with little value added. This solution is a set of advisory sessions where we study your organization and is budgeted at 10 hours for US$ 75/hour to allow for enough flexibility and depth of analysis in your supply chain. The project with the actual visualization piece is actually a second milestone in your digital journey to 4.0.

Contact Details

+1 604-401-7108

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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