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What's Next?

I built operational capacity to deliver Projects and long-term assignments in Digital Logistics. I have joined with 

Exceptional Partners with Competencies, Technologies and Know-How to deliver outstanding value to my clients.

My Exclusive Partnerships.

I continuously invest in innovation. This is an exclusive access and repertory of knowledge base solutions that are second to none. The value lies in the technical focus and the low-cost structure of what we do.

Digital Services

In order to deliver  a seamless experience to our clients, I work with selected few technology providers with a solid understanding of not only technology - probably too wide to analyze in detail - but also with solid technology applications in the logistics and supply chain sector and a tech know-how that outperform the competition, in line with with our commitment towards 


Project Management 

I apply the U.K. Association of Project Management (APM) Body of Knowledge to our advisory sessions however we are always on the lookout for dynamic firms with interesting business models and Project Functionalities that will hep our clients receive a reliable and cost-effective set of solutions and services.


Analytics & Data 

I strive to provide the best experience to our client who require high level overview of their supply chains. We apply Data and Analytics to your organization and we are data-driven. 



I parter with leading universities in Europe. I have have direct access to their latest research (PhD), know-how and best practice (not commercially available) which allows me to bring our clients cutting-edge knowledge & practice in Smart Logistics.


Supply Chain Experts

I built Logistics 4.0 with the support and professional insights of global logistics and supply chain professionals who I met and worked with in my 'journey' to 4.0. They are a source of valuable insights and logistics expertise and continue to be pivotal in the service deliver to you by partnering with me in logistics excellence.


Supply Chain Community

I absorb the best of what the supply chain community has to offer via events, demos etc so I can bring the best that Logistics can offer to your doorstep.

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Are you Ready?

We invest in innovation and our next stage of development is still unseen but we know there is a space in the market for our new product/solution..

'Greater heights with greater partners'

How We Work.

Data & Technology in Logistics.

Our expertise in logistics and supply chain systems allows us to pick and choose outstanding key players in the logistics technology space. Be part of our team or contact me for a customizable solution.

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Solar Operations

Partner with Us!

Partnering for us is our way of existing and growing. We seek deep and valuable partnerships with key leaders in their space - large or small. Win-Win. We are based in Vancouver but work globally. Contact us.

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