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Who are the successful enterprises and what can we learn?

Global Trade & Strategy 

Our Focus: Operational Improvement, Strategy & Global Trade

We see global trade from a different set of lenses and that's where we start. Being a low-cost producer, with the aim to achieve economies of scale is rarely a winning strategy nowadays. It has been used for well over a few decades and our environment nowadays requires a more sophisticated approach to the market with an infusion of creativity, innovation, best practice and an outlook on continuous improvement.

Due to turbulent shifts in the global economy and the urgent need for the creating and re-creation of new knowledge, more speed and a better response to change require different and better strategies. For example, consumer needs and market structure changes will require a new evolution of market strategies.

Global Supply Chains

Our Focus: Global supply chains and global trade strategy

Escalating inflation, higher prices and commodity shortages require efficient supply chains and this is made more important by the higher complexity of more countries and markets being served by any one organizations.


Our Focus: Operational Improvement, Strategy & Global Trade

We see 

  • Speed (Network, Trade Flows, Supply Chain Systems)

  • Quality (Products, Processes)

  • Cost (Cost to serve, Logistics Infrastructure)

  • Flexibility (product-to-market, changing requirements)

'Sustainability' Strategy 

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A Low-Carbon Strategy in itself encompasses a lot of different areas of the supply chain. Green Supply Chain is in fact a constant and evolving trend. Visit the section 'Green SCM' to know more.

'De-Risk' Strategy

'Accelerate' Strategy 

Image by John Moeses Bauan

De-risking, as a strategy, can be implemented by improving operations while maintaining 

strategic flexibility. All strategic actions should be then viewed as part of an integrated 'whole'. Read more on speed, quality, cost and flexibility to learn more about what makes this strategy unique.

'Accelerate' Strategy

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