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White Paper
Global Trade Strategy, Models and Tools in SC's

How do you optimize your global trade & supply chain to augment flexibility in the network?

The supply chain of the future needs to be flexible and resilient as well as capable of absorbing 'shocks' across the global trade network. Adopting an 'extended supply chain perspective' will help us to be competitive as well as resilient. Transportation modes and trade lanes are one example where intensive trade networks analysis might help your organization. Read more for some tips and insights..

Read my white paper to find out about:

  1. What an extended supply chain perspective is 

  2. The advantages of adopting an extended supply chain perspective

  3. The tools and models you can adopts to improve your supply chain

  4. Ways to eliminate weak links and what might be the root causes

  5. How can you categorize what are the biggest impacts on your supply chain?

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